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    We are a Canadian Company. We supply the food service industry with our Quality Compostable Food Packaging.


    Best Sustainable Products

    Better for the Planet, Better for the Environment!




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    Many products available to choose from.

    Full Product line of Compostable Serveware

    We carry a complete line

    of products to assist you in reaching your sustainability goals.

    Largest Selection of Compostables

    Meals To-Go Trays, Sugarcane Pulp Bowls, Supermarket Trays, Hot & Cold Cups, Utensils, Rectangle & Round Deli Containers, Soup-Salad Bowls, Napkins, Straws, Plates, Pizza Boxes and much more.

    We are a

    Plastic Free Zone

    All our Clear Containers are plastic free made from renewable resources that are 100% Compostable! Perfect for Micro-Green Farmers

    Salad Bowls - Round Deli - Rectangle Deli

    Clear Straws - Clamshell Containers

    Shopping & Produce Bags

  • Sustainability, Its What We Do

    Since 2008, we have been leading the Canadian market specializing in Compostable Food Serveware. Our products are one of the largest, most diverse product lines with new and innovative designs being introduced constantly. We are a Canadian Company ready to serve you in reducing the Environmental impact by using Sustainable, Compostable, Biodegradable and Disposable items. We serve the Food & Hospitality Industries such as Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Cafeterias, Schools, Hotels and wherever food is served.

    Product Lines

    Meals To-Go Containers

    To-Go Boxes

    Sugarcane Pulp Clamshells

    Soup Bowls

    Sugarcane Pulp Bowls

    Clear PLA Deli Containers

    Burrito Bowls

    Taco Containers

    Coffee Cups

    Cold Cups

    Sugarcane Napkins

    Portion Cups

    Pizza Boxes

    Supermarket Trays

    Catering Trays

    Straws - PLA & Paper

    And many more being added....

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