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    Most Innovative


    Many styles available to choose from.

    Largest Selection of Compostables

    Supermarket Trays, Containers, Hot & Cold Cups, Utensils, Rectangle & Round Deli Containers, Soup-Salad Bowls, Napkins, Straws, Plates, Pizza Boxes, Plates, Bowls.

    We are a

    Plastic Free Zone

    All our Clear Containers are plastic free made from renewable resources that are 100% Compostable!

    Salad Bowls - Round Deli - Rectangle Deli

    Clear Straws - Clamshell Containers

    Shopping & Produce Bags

    Full Product line of Compostables

    We carry a complete line

    for all your disposable products.

  • Sustainability, Its What We Do

    Since 2008 we have been a leader in Compostable products in Canada and our products are one of the largest most diverse product lines with new and innovative designs being introduced constantly. We are a Company Passionate about the Environment and how to reduce our Environmental impact using Sustainable, Compostable, Biodegradable Disposable items in the Food & Hospitality Industries such as Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Cafeterias, Schools, Hotels, and wherever food is served.

    Product Lines

    Food Container

    To-Go Boxes


    Deli Containers

    Burrito Bowls

    Taco Containers

    Coffee Cups

    Cold Cups


    Soup Bowls

    Salad Bowls

    Portion Cups

    Pizza Boxes

    Supermarket Trays

    Catering Trays

    Straws - PLA & Paper

    And many more being added....

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